a new Masik is published
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
woensdag, 29 september 2010

Masik zomer 2008On the QajaqUSA website a new Masik is ready for download. The MASIK is Qajaq USA's electronic newsletter written by members and for members and is published several times a year.

In this Masik a book review of the 4 most used books for skin-on-fram qajaq building; an interview with John Brand's family about "the little kayak book"; a description of the build of a Bristol Bay qajaq (Alaska); a report of a kayaking trip aroung Ilulissat, Disko ba, Greenland; and a report of Kampe Absalonsen inspecting the qajaq Maligiaq build for the Smithsonian in 2005.

This link will bring you to the Masik download page.

Have fun reading.

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