The virus strikes again
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
zondag, 06 april 2008
The (building)virus has struck again and I have started to build (yet) another seakayak. This time I have chosen to in the woodstrip method, where a kayak's (or canoe) hull is build up of small woodstrips around a set of molds (frames) that determine the dimensions of the kayak. After the woodwork is finished, the whole thing will be covered in a layer of glass and epoxy resulting in a robust, durable and (relative) light kajak.
After building two kayaks in the traditional skin-on-frame style, I thought I would give this a try.

Black Pearl
Foto: Bjorn Thomasson
I chose for a design by Björn Thomasson, de Black Pearl, a low volume seakayak following the lines of the traditional Eastern Greenland kayaks. During visits in Denmark and Sweden I had paddled the Black Pearl and it paddles in line with what I am already used to in my skin-on-frame kayaks. Like with a traditional kayak, when ordering the plans you have to provide some body sizes, like length, hipwidth adn show size, for Björn to use in his design in order to get a Black Pearl that is tuned you sizes.

A building log can be found through this link: Black Pearl .
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