Rolling with Maarten
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
dinsdag, 23 oktober 2007
scullenToday I went to Bunschoten to teach rolling to Maarten. Maarten had already taken two courses in the swimming pool with my club K.V. Keistad, but still didnot succeed in coming up all the way. We had agreed on this lesson a while back but had been postponing for several reasons until now. Finally I have the opportunity to try the Wavepiecers attitude in teaching.
(we had just catched the orca in the background Wink)

After some praticing sculling and balance bracing we moved on to rollin and after a while Maarten succeeds several rolls on his own. Well done !! On the photo above he is just surfacing and amply demonstrates the difficulty of getting rid of the head-out-of-the-water-first reflex.
All in all  a successfull hour of teaching.


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