Freya Hoffmeister and Greg Stamer circumnavigate Iceland
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
zaterdag, 09 juni 2007

Two weeks ago Freya and Greg have decided to circumnavigate Iceland by kayak. The short term decision is an extra challenge to get it all organised. But it seems to have all worked out. Last friday they took off for Iceland to start their long paddling journey. If all goes well they paddle their final strokes around Iceland at the end of july.

You can follow their journey on the weblog of Freya en op het KayakQuixotica weblog

Note 10 june: Just after writing this, I read that they have not been heard of for more than a day. A full search has been launched by the Coastguard.
Note 11 june: They are found. All is ok. It appeared to have been a communication problem.

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