Leaking hatches
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
woensdag, 11 april 2007

loslatende kitThis is a brief note about our leaking hatches. In our latest SOF's we (Dick & Tom) build in hatches and bulkheads. We used a stitching method to attach the hatches to the skin and used a bedding compound to create a watertight seal. This has worked for a long time but after a year or so of opening and closing the hatches and the flex of the skin, the seal between the beddiing compound and the plastic of the hatches let loose and the hatches started leaking. Funny coincidence is that it happened to both our kayaks on the second daytrip of this year.

So what next. Simple really, remove the hatches and re-attach them, this time using polyethyleen (PE) support ring  underneath the skin and attach them using screws. Of course there is a bedding compound in between the hatchring and the skin to create a watertight seal. So if the skin and hatch move up and down now, the PE support ring also moves up and down, which prevents creating tension on the bedding compound.

Luik, ring gatThe support rings are cut out of a PE kitchen cutting board.
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