First paddle making workshop successful
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
zaterdag, 28 mei 2005

ImageLast saturday, 28th may, the first paddle making workshop was held at the club location of K.V. Keistad. Under the guidance of Dick and Tom, three students (Gerard, Hans & Niklas) have successfully created their own traditional paddle.

After Tom, with help of some schematics,  explaines the various steps involved in making a paddle, the students receive their large beam of pine from which they will have to make their paddles. The first lines are drawn on these blanks and before long the electric shaves are humming and spitting out the first chips of wood.

The instructions are followed precisely and step by step the students see how their paddles take shape under their hands.

At the end of this day all the paddles are nearly finished and only need some shaving and sanding for finetuning. It has been a very successull day with beautiful weather and enthousiastic students. Next season we will definitely organise another workshop.

We use the greenland paddle instruction pdf written by Chuck Holst. Click here to download this manual .




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