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Rolling with Helen Wilson PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
dinsdag, 21 juni 2011


The past weekend, 18 & 19 june, marked the greenland style rolling clinics by Helen Wilson at camping het Stoetenslagh.
I went there togehter with my son Marnix to learn some more about Greenland style rolling and pick up on rolling again.
The weekend was irganised by Freek and Andre, who use this location frequently for their Greenland style rolling workshops.
There was no lack of Grenland style kayak for the participants to choose from thanx too generous sponsoring by kajakcentrum Arjen Bloem and Tahe Marine Kayaks.. The participants could choose from various Tahe Greenlands or the Seabird Designs Black Pearl (until recently only available as self built strippers).

Of course we brought our own  Greenland style SOF's and my Black Pearl stripkayak.
Rolling Greenland style is contrary to the familiair modern kayak rolling techniques not based on force and power, but on control, flexibility and suppleness. When the technique is mastered properly it can even be done without he aid of a paddle or norsaq (throwing board) with the same control and suppleness.
Both started started with yoga sesion by Helen and painfully pointed out to many attendees their lack of flexibility (including me).
After eech rolling session Helen ended with a bief evaluation with the participants. Repeating remarks for all groups were: practise practise practise, shoulder facing the sky, arch the back and eyebrows underwater.
I have learned a lot again and noticed that over time with practise it becomes easier to do.
Helen, thanks for the instructions. Freek and Andre thanks for setting this up and again next year ?

Start van de clinic
Start van de clinic
Helen geeft instructie
Helen geeft instructie
paddle tricks: in de knoop met de peddel
paddle tricks: in de knoop met de peddel

 And thanks to Freek Knol and Dirk Herfs for the photos.


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