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Stripping the deck (6 hrs) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
maandag, 26 januari 2009
The next phase is started. Now that the hull is finished, it is time to start working on the deck.

het dekThe hull is now placed upright on the strongback and the frames have been re-attached with hot glue (does not work really well !!)
Next I have placed the mold for the coaming. This marks the coaming space and strips are not needed where the coaming will be.
Now it is time to start attaching the strips. At first a strips is placed over the center of the deck and next two strips along the edges of the hull (along the gunwales). Than alternate sides and front and aft deck, the strips are placed moving outside in.
Every strip needs to be customfit into place an that is done in the same way as the strips are fit in the bottom of the hull.
Because each side of the coaming only has three strips, a cross is glued in place here to provide more dimensional stability and strength while the deck is handled for sanding and placing the supports for the hatches. This cross will not be removed until the hul and deck are glued together.

As the photos are not shot on one day, the slides jump a little. (my apologies for this)

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