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Sanding the hull (12 hrs) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
vrijdag, 10 oktober 2008

During the sanding process I did not take any pictures. And that is probably deliberately!! This is most frustrating job so far. Not because of the sanding as that eventually creates a very nice end result, a smooth hull. But frustrating because I first have to remove the layer of epoxy that was put on to get the strips glued togehter.
After the hull is sanded nice and smooth it is made wet to raise the last fibres and sanded a final time.
Than the hull is wetted out again to stain the hull using a 2/3 mahogony and 1/3 black water based stain. After applying the stain 4 times the hull has a nice deep black colour with a deep purple glow when the sunlight hits the hull.
By using stain the structure of the wood remains visible, despite the black colour, even after the epoxy and transparant finish have been applied.

smooth and black
sanded soothly and stained black

deep black colour
a nice and deep black colour



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