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Gluing the strips and removing the staples (1,5 hrs) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
vrijdag, 10 oktober 2008

Next job is making sure all the strips are bonded together with epoxy glue (no photos unfortunately). To do this the epoxy is slighty warmed up to make it more fluid and ensure the epoxy flows deeper into the seams. The epoxy is brushed on and than vigorously pressed over the seams using a plastic sqeegie to ensure enough epoxy flows into the seams.
After that is done and the epoxy has hardened, all the staples are removed. To avoid large dents in the wood underneath staples by using screwdriver to raise the staples, I am using the thin point of an old chisel to raise the staples a bit and than pull them out with large set of pliers.

hull with staples
no staples
hull without staples


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