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A walk in the forest on Ameland (Holwerd - Nes) - 31 mei PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
zaterdag, 04 oktober 2008
An early rise again this morning for the 2 hour drive to the North of the country. At 9 o'clock we have to be present at the ferry pier near Holwerd. Under heavy clouds and the gazes of the tourists that take the ferry to Ameland 6 paddlers start their trip. It is 5 past 10 and we cross to the ferry channel to set course (0°) towards a buoy in the small channel. From this buoy we follow the channel to  benefit from the current of the eb-tide.

Although there is not much wind, the combination of tide against wind does make for some nice waves of up to 40 cm. The last bit, from buoy xx, we paddle accross the shallows in front of the harbour.
Breaktime. We enjoy a nice lunch of pancakes on the terrace of a restaurant and even a stroll through the forest. Were we not going paddling !? Fortunately Dirk Jan  also knows his way  here or we certainly would have been lost.
On the way back back we follow the same channel as the ferries so we have be on guard. The flood tide is already coming in again and which means we do not have paddle very hard. It is not as exciting as the way in, the wind has eased off and sun is showing its watery face and we almost paddle accross a mirror. As planned we arrive back at Holwerd at appr. 17:15 and as it our hobit we do a couple of rolls before we get out of the kayaks. Then change clothes, pack the kayaks and gear and back tp Amersfoort.
Thanks Dirk Jan for an enjoyable day.

Wind: N-NW 2-3Bft
Waves: 30-40cm
Temp: 18°C
Water temp: 12°C
Coach: Dirk Jan de Boer
Group: Ruben, Micheal, Ingeborn, Dick en Tom

Instap bij de veerboot pierpauze op Ameland
tijd doden met een boswandelingRustige terurg weg

 de route op Google earth


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