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Paddling around the Roggenplaat - Oosterschelde PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
woensdag, 24 oktober 2007


On saturday the 14th of october we went for a days paddle with the TKBN to the Oosterschelde. A day of a very early wake-up, little wind, a lot of sun and a very beautiful piece of Zeeland to paddle around the Roggenplaat. From the Zeelandbrug to the Oosterscheldekering (Oosterschelde stormdam). Very enjoyable.

modder kiwiWhat a great timing from Arie Kreuk, assembling at 8 o'clock at "de Val" near de Zeelandbrug.
That means getting up at 5 to pick up Dick, load the kayaks and a 2 hours drive to the Zeelandbrug. But we manage and at 9 o'clock we set off from the beach and paddle under the Zeelandbrug towards the Oosterscheldekering and land rather early on the beach at Burgh Haamstede. Because we were paddling on the eb tide with the wind in our back we now had almost 2 hours to spare before the tide has turned. But no problem today as the sun is nice an warm.
Arie wants to practise rescues here, he needs photo's for the new book, but nobody wnats to because of the 3 hours paddle still ahead.

On the way back we land on the east point of the Roggenplaat, were a huge pile of empty shells has build. The winds and currents have swept the pile of shells up to more than 2,5 metres. Very nice and very white in the sun. Now Arie is convincing enough and after he has demonstrated the Kiwi rescue on the slippery mud, the group hits the water and practise the Kiwi. After practise we paddle the final bit back to "de Val" at the Zeelandbrug.
Despite the lack of wind we had a fantastic day of paddling with loads of sun. 



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