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Written by Tom Steenbergen   
woensdag, 29 augustus 2007
During last years holidays (2006) my just finished yellow SOF was very popular with my two boys (Marnix & Filip). They sometimes almost fought over it. That created the idea in my mind to build a better fitting kayak for the kids for this years holidays. But as it alwasy goes, there are enough other chores to do around the house and even though I had promised myself to start the build way before the holidays, it was not until the end of may that I finally started. I chose the Seaflea design by TomYost. And as the day I started we had originally planned a paddle tour that was cancelled because of bad weather, Dick came by to give me a hand.
And of course Filip also helped big time constructing 'his' Seaflea so it would be ready for our holidays to Sweden.
seatrial in Zweden


Frames zagen
sawing the frames

Dick maakt de strongback
Dick prepares the strongback

boorden flexibel maken
prebending the gunwales

het frame
the  SeaFlea frame

lashing detail
lashings details

 Filip helpt mee
Filip helps with the varnishing

straktrekken van het doek
tensioning the pvc skin

Het PVSC zit er om heen
the top dek

ff passen
Filip testfitting the seaflea

opbouw kuiprand 1
Building the coaming - step 1
cutting a 1 inch wide circle every inch

opbouw kuiprand 2
step 2:
a 1 inch wide band of pvc is glued at a 90 degree angle to the outside of the cuts made in step 1

opbouw kuiprand 3
step 3:
a 3 inch wide band of pvc is glued to inside of the cut edge in step 1.

opbouw kuiprand 4
the 3 inch band is cut every 2 inch appr. 1,5 inch down and these are glued around a PE tube to the 1 inch band attached in step 2

opbouw kuiprand 5
details of the coaming with the PE tube (waterpipe
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