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Written by Tom Steenbergen   
zaterdag, 14 april 2007

VoordeltaThis is the first trip on the sea's salt water this year. We (Dick and Tom) have applied for a trip in the Voordelta led by Hans Heupink. With a group of 10 paddlers we put off at the Brouwersdam's south end. When we're sufficiently far out to sea, we change course northward in the direction of the lighthouse at the tip of Goeree-Overflakkee.  Because of the low  wind there are only small waves and after  one and a half hours of paddling we land through  30 centimeter high  surf, just past the lighthouse, for lunch under a watery sun.

During lunch we're charged left and right by kitebuggies that go quite fast despite the low windspeed. Nice to look at. 

Kite BuggyAfter lunch we head in the direction of the Aardappelbult (potatoheap) sandbank, to pass it at it's seaward side. Finding the bank turns out not to be easy, because today we only notice it  when we're allmost on top of it  because  of the absence of surf. And by that time we've past it for about 3/4 of its length. In order not to disturb the seals at the banks' head we land about a kilometer before that for a short break.

During the break we're observed keenly by in inquisitive seal.

When we start for the return trip to the Brouwersdam, it turns out the wind has picked up a bit after all and from the Aardappelbults tip we have a force 3-4 on our left quarter. Nice hard steering.

When we're back  at the Brouwersdam we have paddled for 5 hours and made 30 kilometers.

wind : N-NW 3-4
waveheight: 30/40 cm
surf: 30 cm
distance: 30 km
watertemp: 10 degrees C
airtemp: 16 degrees C 







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