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Qajaq Treffen 2006 report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
vrijdag, 29 september 2006
RoldemoFriday at 14:15 hrs we arrive at the Rhederlaag, to build up for the second Qajaq Treffen in the Netherlands. On the same spot as last year we hang the ropes for the ropesgymnastics under a large tarp roof incase the predicted rain comes. We pitch our tent close by.
At the end of the afternoon Freya arrives in her castle on wheels and soon we are on the water to practice some rolling and of course to try Freya's Qaanaaq ss, the 'sexy hexy'. Our friend Niklas has come especially from Sweden to participate.

 On saturday the program starts early, at 9 o'clock Freya is already in the water with the first student for the rollingclinics.
During the day people come and go for the rolling clinics and to learn about the traditional kayaks and paddles. Every now and then we can persuade people to try the ropesgymnastics and they leave enthousiastic with ideas to start this at their club.
At the end of the afternoon Freya gives a rolling demo. She is assisted by Peter Renkema who had just learned a lot of the rolls during his afternoon rolling clinic.

For the lovers of the gym, Lazlo Schilling is presenting canoeing/kayakaing/swimming ergometers. Very interesting to do and to find out the difference in stroke strength between your left and right. We are curious if training at clubs will move to these machines.

After the barbeque some people are attracted again by the ropes, to do some practising in the dark.

More photo can be found:
- On webshots (qajaqnl)
- On Niklas' website 

ropes training
ropes training - Peter
Roldemo - Freya & Peter

Ropes by night - Niklas
Ropes by night - Niklas
Ropes by night - Jacomien
Ropes by night - Jacomien

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