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Written by Tom Steenbergen   
maandag, 22 september 2003
We purchased our wood at a specialised lumber dealer in Arnhem, the Arnhemse Fijnhout handel. To get a strong and sturdy kayak we need wood in which the grain is as straight as possible. And as these are our first homebuilt qajaqs, we want the wood to be of the best quality.

To build strong and flexible kayaks, we need wood through which the grain is running as straight as possible.

We are allowed to go through the  stacks of wood ourselves.

The "bad" pieces of wood are marked. We do not have to pay for them.

When the beams of Oregon Pine, Sitka spruce, White Ash and Siberian Larch are loaded on top of the car, it turns out to extend a lot beyond the fenders. We drove home very carefully.


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