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Making a neoprene Tuilik PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
woensdag, 15 februari 2006

tuilik in qajaqTriggered by a discussion on the QajaqUSA forum on a grouporder for material to make a neoprene tuilik and because we had already experienced the advantages of a (neoprene) Tuilik for practicing rolling at the Qajaq Træf in Denamark, we have been busy this winter to make our own Tuiliks from neoprene.
At first we wanted to join the grouporder in the US, but fortunately we were able to get a suitable address for neoprene in Italy. They were able to deliver the neoprene at competative prices. But from Italy the transportcosts are considerably lower and we do not have to pay importtaxes.
We made combined order with a couple of qajaq enthousiasts from Turnhout (B) and we ordered 7 sheets of neoprene from Italy (5 double sided and 2 single sided).

tuilik in phasesIn Amersfoort we have spend a couple of evenings in the attick creating two Tuiliks. We have used the QajaqUSA pattern (Shawn Baker) and after reading about Roy Maritn's three piece hood on the forum, Dick has figured out a way to calculate a pattern for a three piece hood. (pattern available from downloads page)
Before we started we have taken some measurements for the body. The coaming circumfence, the Tuilik has to fit the coaming in the end. The length from the front of the coaming to the chin when doing a full layback and the same for back of coaming to the back of the neck, so the Tuilik has enough space when doing layback and forward finishing rolls. The measures are well within the QajaqUSA pattern, so there is no need for changes.
After copying the pattern onto the neoprene all the parts are cut. We have used neoprene glues that can be bought in small tubes in dive-shops. Just apply two layers of glue to both end of the seams (let dry for 10-15 minutes) and than press the seams together, first the entire seam and than again applying a bit of pressure. We had already done some testseams and were suprised by the amount of stress the glued seams can handle. This is more than enough for the Tuilik as the semas will endure very little to no stress. Stitching the seams is not needed.
When gluing the smooth side of the single (N1S) sided neopreen for the coaming tunnel we discover that the glue doesnot hold. Under a little bit of stress the glue just comes off the smoothskin. tunnel stitchBut roughing the surface of the N1S with some sandpaper, just like you would with an inner tube of a bicycle, seems to be the solution for this. To avoid tearing off of the coamingtube we do stich this part of the Tuilik. We use a piece af bungee to stitch around, to avoid the yarn cutting into the N1S.


  • To avoid compression points in the neoprene, store unused neoprone in a roll, not folded. If by coincidence this should become part of a seam, the seam is not glued to the full thickness of the neoprene. And that could become a weakspot.
  • When using the QajaqUSA pattern, consider  making the sleeves a bit wider around the underarms. This will allow you to wear all kinds of clothes underneath.
  • When gluing the smooth side of the N1S, rough the surface with sandpaper before gluing.
  • To make sure the facetunnel fits tight around the head, constantly stretch it a bit when gluing it to the hood. This will ensure the tunnel faces inward.

Used glues: cressi-sub / Seac Sub (same glue, different brand) and Seal Cement from AquaSeal. All glues work well and provide strong seams.
Neoprene supplier:  Elios Sub
Hood pattern:  through the downloads page


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Patroon overnemen
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Patroon knippen

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