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Written by Tom Steenbergen   
zaterdag, 30 augustus 2003

During one of our training trips in the summer of 2003 the subject of the conversation came to building traditional skin on frame kajaks. We (Dick & Tom) both had thought about it but had never come to realise the idea.

 In the weeks after the initial conversation, the subject kept fascinating us and we continuously talked about it. As the fascination grew we started ordering books and roamed the internet for more information. Soon after we decided to built our own traditional skin on frame kajaks (or SOF) on the tuesdaynights during the winterseason, instead of continuing to paddle. Ben decided to join in when we discussed this during the after-paddle in the bar of our clubhouse. Due to the difference of interest two west greenland kajaks (photo 1) and one aleutian baidarka (photo 2) were built. You can see how we did this in the Building report 2003 pages.

groenland kajak
Aleuten Baidarka

photo's courtesy of 

- West Greenland kayak: Peter Strand, Qajaqs of Peter Strand
- Aleutian Baidarka: Robert Morris, Brewery Creek Small Boat Shop, Vancouver (CA)



Building the Greenland Kayak by Christopher Cunningham
Building skin-on-frame-boats by Robert Morris
The Aleutian Kayak by Wolfgang Brinck
Baidarka the kayak by George Dyson


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