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Building qajaq's during winter 2003/2004

qajaq framesVia the links below we describe how we build our first traditional qajaq's. We started this project on the first tuesday of october 2003 and after nearly 9 months we finally launched the qajaqs for their maiden run on tuesday 29 june 2004.

The photo to the right show the very nice frames just before they are being covered with the nylon skin.

Selecting and buying our wood
Ripping and shaving the gunwales
Getting the measurements for the greenland kayaks
Shaping the gunwales
Making the mortises for the deckbeams
Deckbeams for the Baidarka
Creating the right angle between the gunwale tips
Securing the deckbeams
The masik
The ribs for the Baidarka
Shaping the hull of the Greenland kayaks
The coaming
The ribs of the greenland kayak
The chines
Will we fit in ??
Covering the frames
Painting the skin
The maiden run of the qajaq's