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Black Pearl

Black Pearl linesThe (building)virus has struck again and I have started to build (yet) another seakayak. This time I have chosen to built in the woodstrip method, where a kayak's (or canoe) hull is build up of small woodstrips around a set of molds (frames) that determine the dimensions of the kayak. After the woodwork is finished, the whole thing will be covered in a layer of glass and epoxy resulting in a robust, durable and (relative) light kajak.
After building two kayaks in the traditional skin-on-frame style, I thought I would give this a try.

I chose for a design by Björn Thomasson , de Black Pearl, a low volume seakayak following the lines of the traditional Eastern Greenland kayaks. During visits in Denmark and Sweden I had paddled the Black Pearl and it paddles in line with what I am already used to in my skin-on-frame kayaks. Like with a traditional kayak, when ordering the plans you have to provide some body sizes, like length, hipwidth and shoe size, for Björn to use in his design in order to get a Black Pearl that is tuned you sizes.

Below you can find links to the page that will gradually show the progress in the building process.


Stripping the deck (6 hrs)
Covering the hull in glasfibre and epoxy (4 hrs + 11 hrs)
Sanding the hull (12 hrs)
Gluing the strips and removing the staples (1,5 hrs)
Planking the hull (7 hrs)
Building the strongback (1 hr)
Ripping the strips (6 hrs)