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Qajaq bouw 2009 - Dick, Machiel & Marcel PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
zondag, 10 oktober 2010
Ok, Als Tom een nieuwe Pearl bouwt, Marcel niet tevreden is over zijn oude (gekochte) boot, Machiel een nieuwe SOF wil bouwen en ik een stripper wil als boot voor meerdaagse tochten moet het er blijkbaar van komen. Eind 2008 gaan we op zoek naar een plek om twee nieuwe boten te bouwen en één boot te herbouwen. We vinden al snel een loods met voldoende ruimte bij een kunstenaar, maar die komt uiteindelijk op zijn belofte terug zodat we opnieuw moeten gaan zoeken.  Marcel vind uiteindelijk een ruimte achter het restaurant van vrienden die we mogen gebruiken zolang er niet verbouwd wordt.  Op dat moment schatten we in dat we er 3 maanden bezig zullen zijn……….
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Het eerste zaadje is jaren geleden gelegd PDF Print E-mail
Written by Monique   
vrijdag, 20 februari 2009

Het eerste zaadje is jaren geleden gelegd: tijdens een ijzige wintertocht op de Grevelingen gaf Frans vd Lelie ons een houten peddel. Vreemd, een dergelijk smal blad, je voelde het water zomaar zingen door de peddel, je voelde alle trillingen van het water naar je handen gaan, zo is het begonnen.
Daarna meer en meer kilometers peddelen met die rare tandenstoker, de kajak van Freya H uitproberen tijdens een workshop, voor het eerst in een zelf gebouwde skin-on-frame van Tom en Dick zitten. Zo is het van droom wens idee naar spijkers met koppen (uhum nietjes in strippen) en uiteindelijk resultaat gegaan.

 Black Pearl in white

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A kayak for Marnix, the wavepiercer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
maandag, 10 september 2007


Now that a Seaflea was built for Filip, another kayak for Marnix had to be build as well. And so before the holidays I build another kayak in a similar building fashion as the Seaflea, designed by Dick van Zanten, the "Wave Piercer".
And this kayak is not only suitable for Marnix to paddle, but it is also very suitably designed as a trainingkayak for Greenland style rolling.
Below a brief photoimpression of this kayak.

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Filip's Sea Flea PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
woensdag, 29 augustus 2007
During last years holidays (2006) my just finished yellow SOF was very popular with my two boys (Marnix & Filip). They sometimes almost fought over it. That created the idea in my mind to build a better fitting kayak for the kids for this years holidays. But as it alwasy goes, there are enough other chores to do around the house and even though I had promised myself to start the build way before the holidays, it was not until the end of may that I finally started. I chose the Seaflea design by TomYost. And as the day I started we had originally planned a paddle tour that was cancelled because of bad weather, Dick came by to give me a hand.
And of course Filip also helped big time constructing 'his' Seaflea so it would be ready for our holidays to Sweden.
seatrial in Zweden


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Leaking hatches PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom Steenbergen   
woensdag, 11 april 2007

loslatende kitThis is a brief note about our leaking hatches. In our latest SOF's we (Dick & Tom) build in hatches and bulkheads. We used a stitching method to attach the hatches to the skin and used a bedding compound to create a watertight seal. This has worked for a long time but after a year or so of opening and closing the hatches and the flex of the skin, the seal between the beddiing compound and the plastic of the hatches let loose and the hatches started leaking. Funny coincidence is that it happened to both our kayaks on the second daytrip of this year.

So what next. Simple really, remove the hatches and re-attach them, this time using polyethyleen (PE) support ring  underneath the skin and attach them using screws. Of course there is a bedding compound in between the hatchring and the skin to create a watertight seal. So if the skin and hatch move up and down now, the PE support ring also moves up and down, which prevents creating tension on the bedding compound.

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Qajaq build 2006 - Dick & Tom PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dick van Zanten   
zondag, 08 oktober 2006

ImageWhile paddling our first boats, Tom and I discovered that they didn't precisely match the way we wanted to use them. Our first boats were built as described in the books by Morris/Cunningham for Tom's Greenlander and by Wolfgang Brinck for my baidarka. The resulting boats were relatively high-volume and had high back decks. In my baidarka it was very difficult to sit with legs spread against the gunwales because of the peaked deck beams. And even though the paddling characteristics of the boats were fine what we wanted were lighter, lower-volume boats for daytrips equipped with bulkheads and hatches both aft and front and low aft decks for easy layback rolls. Luggage space should be no more than necessary for a weekend at most. There also was a wish for higher cruising speed if possible.

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