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qajaq links

On this you can find links to other websites that have content about the traditional qajaq.

We do our best to check the available links on this page on a regular basis. However if you do  discover links no longer working, please let us know though the Contact us link at the top of the page.

  Web Link
  Link   Qajaq Belgium
A site with a lots of links to sites with information on canoe and kajak building.
  Link   Qajaq Japan
A rich source of information on technique with lots of very good animations.
  Link   Qajaq Sverige
A group of qajaq enthousiasts in Sweden. Website is mainly swedish, but has some nice pages like page with the rollingvideos.
  Link   qajaq USA
Home site of the tradional qajaq in the US.
  Link   Kayak Ways
Cherri Perry and Turner Wilson have joined forces and show what the can o the traditional way. e.g. interesting rolling videos (through "ongoing - rolling videos")
  Link   Norsaq France
Traditional kayak in France
  Link   kanobouwer.nl
Experience the beauty of paddling a kayak youbuild yourself. Under the guidance of the 'kanobouwer', Benoit Labreche, you can build your own kayak.
  Link   Kajakkspesialisten
Anders Thygesen teaches traditional kayak buidling in Norway
  Link   Mac Boat
Strip built kayak's and canoes and the possibility of building them yourself under guidance.
  Link   Bjorn Thomasson Design
A website on kajak design and building.
  Link   Folding kayak's by Tom Yost
Fraai vouwkayak ontwerpen. De meeste ontwerpen zijn ook als "vast" te bouwen.
  Link   Making a West Greenland paddle by Chuck Holst
A compact and clear manual for making your own greenland paddle.
  Link   KNRM - Royal Dutch Rescue Organisation
  Link   RNLI - Royal National Lifeboat Institution
De british counterpart of the KNRM.
  Link   eSafety - online learning tool from the RNLI
An informative interactive learning about the rules and safety at sea. Gives you the opportunity to be teached and tested. This is a program of the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution)