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Qajaq Treffen 2005 report
dinsdag, 22 november 2005

ropes trainingThis year Tom and myself have organised the Qajaq Treffen for the first time. We wanted to put traditional qajaq-ing in the spotlight by combining this event with the Veluwe Rally. On friday afternoon we packed our gear and drove to the recreation area Rhederlaag. We had more registrations than we initially expected and the weather forecast for the weekend was pretty good.

Last Updated ( vrijdag, 25 november 2005 )
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zondag, 06 november 2005

About a month ago we registered the address. And since then we have been busy to give a new look and feel and to copy the content accross from the old site. The content also has been slightly restructured and is now maintained using a "content management system", Joomla!.

We will continue to work on the site and in due time the site will be extended with more features.
We will continue to add content ourselves on a regular basis. But we would also like to add content written by others, so that the subject gets covered from multiple sources.

Although we spend a lot of time on the new website, it may happen that certain things do not work as expected. Should this be the case, please let us know through the Contact us link at the top of the page.

The team.

Last Updated ( vrijdag, 11 november 2005 )
Qajaq Traef Denmark 2005
donderdag, 08 september 2005

ImageLate afternoon on september first, after a 9 hours drive, we arrive at the  Havkajak centre Svendborg to visit the annual Danish Qajaq Træf held on 2, 3 and 4 september 2005. This seakajak centre is beautifully located on the south coast of the small island of Tåsinge (just below Fyn or Funen) . We are welcomed by Lenze Middelberg who runs this seakayak centre.

We pitch our tent on the edge of the pasture and have only a small row of trees between us and the see. On the friday our hosts for the Træf are joining us on the Havkajak centre's campground.

Last Updated ( maandag, 07 november 2005 )
First paddle making workshop successful
zaterdag, 28 mei 2005

ImageLast saturday, 28th may, the first paddle making workshop was held at the club location of K.V. Keistad. Under the guidance of Dick and Tom, three students (Gerard, Hans & Niklas) have successfully created their own traditional paddle.

After Tom, with help of some schematics,  explaines the various steps involved in making a paddle, the students receive their large beam of pine from which they will have to make their paddles. The first lines are drawn on these blanks and before long the electric shaves are humming and spitting out the first chips of wood.

Last Updated ( maandag, 19 december 2005 )
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