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New rollingvideos on
zondag, 07 januari 2007

Cherri Perry and Turner WilsonCherri Perry and Turner Wilson have joined forces and build a website centered around their traditional kayak activities..

On this website you can also find a section dedicated to instruction videos for Greenlandstyle rolling. (videos via "ongoing - rolling videos").
Have fun on this website: .

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Qajaq build 2006 - Dick & Tom
zondag, 08 oktober 2006

ImageWhile paddling our first boats, Tom and I discovered that they didn't precisely match the way we wanted to use them. Our first boats were built as described in the books by Morris/Cunningham for Tom's Greenlander and by Wolfgang Brinck for my baidarka. The resulting boats were relatively high-volume and had high back decks. In my baidarka it was very difficult to sit with legs spread against the gunwales because of the peaked deck beams. And even though the paddling characteristics of the boats were fine what we wanted were lighter, lower-volume boats for daytrips equipped with bulkheads and hatches both aft and front and low aft decks for easy layback rolls. Luggage space should be no more than necessary for a weekend at most. There also was a wish for higher cruising speed if possible.

Last Updated ( donderdag, 13 september 2007 )
Qajaq Treffen 2006 report
vrijdag, 29 september 2006
RoldemoFriday at 14:15 hrs we arrive at the Rhederlaag, to build up for the second Qajaq Treffen in the Netherlands. On the same spot as last year we hang the ropes for the ropesgymnastics under a large tarp roof incase the predicted rain comes. We pitch our tent close by.
At the end of the afternoon Freya arrives in her castle on wheels and soon we are on the water to practice some rolling and of course to try Freya's Qaanaaq ss, the 'sexy hexy'. Our friend Niklas has come especially from Sweden to participate.
Last Updated ( vrijdag, 29 september 2006 )
Stocken Träffen Sweden 2006
vrijdag, 08 september 2006

Weinig golven

This year we visited the 'Stocken Träff', a seakayak symposium on the island Orust in Sweden. The symposium is organised by Orust Kayak, a seakayak centre and outfitter in the little village Stocken.
Besides the 'modern' seakayak, the 'traditional' seakayak is getting more coverage each year on this symposium. This year for instance the first 'Greenland' style rolling competition was organised. And the people of (Magnus and Sten).  thought we should also compete, as we are paddling a traditional kayak and we can do more than one roll.


Last Updated ( zaterdag, 18 november 2006 )
Movie: Nanook of the North on Google video
maandag, 04 september 2006

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Last Updated ( maandag, 04 september 2006 )
Writing on the site
zondag, 14 mei 2006 has been live for more than 6 months now and to really make it a community site, we would like to offer you the option of contributing to the site by writing articles and thus sharing your experiences with others.
Making a neoprene Tuilik
woensdag, 15 februari 2006

tuilik in qajaqTriggered by a discussion on the QajaqUSA forum on a grouporder for material to make a neoprene tuilik and because we had already experienced the advantages of a (neoprene) Tuilik for practicing rolling at the Qajaq Træf in Denamark, we have been busy this winter to make our own Tuiliks from neoprene.
At first we wanted to join the grouporder in the US, but fortunately we were able to get a suitable address for neoprene in Italy. They were able to deliver the neoprene at competative prices. But from Italy the transportcosts are considerably lower and we do not have to pay importtaxes.
We made combined order with a couple of qajaq enthousiasts from Turnhout (B) and we ordered 7 sheets of neoprene from Italy (5 double sided and 2 single sided).

Last Updated ( vrijdag, 03 november 2006 )
European part of the QajaqUSA friends map
dinsdag, 13 december 2005
To show were we all are in Europe, we have added the European part of the Qajaq USA friends map to the menu of If you have not done so yet, follow the link and register yourself at the Frappr Qajaq USA friends map.
European qajaq USA friends map. 
Last Updated ( dinsdag, 13 december 2005 )
Paddle making video by Matt Johnson
zaterdag, 03 december 2005

To support the Chuck Holst pdf for making your own Greenland paddle Matt Johnson has created a 30 minute video in which the process is vusialised step by step. Watch the video .
This video is worth watching  if you want to carve your first paddle and also if you have already carved one.  
Groenalnd peddel maken - Building a Greenland paddle

Last Updated ( donderdag, 23 oktober 2008 )
QajaqUSA Frappr map
woensdag, 30 november 2005
Greg Stamer of QajaqUSA has created a map on the Frappr website for the friends of QajaqUSA. If all those interested in the traditional qajaq register themsleves, this map will give a nice picture of where we all can be found. Make yourself visible and register on the Frappr QajaqUSA friends site.
Last Updated ( donderdag, 01 december 2005 )
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