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Clear blue sky, strong winds and Dubside during Stocken Symposium - Orust - Sweden
maandag, 24 september 2007

Zon en harde wind

A strong wind on saturday (10 - 14 m/s, 5 -6 Bft) and sunday (14 - 22 m/s, 6 - 7 Bft) characterised the 2007 Stocken Symposium and all under a clear blue sky. A guarantee for large waves and a heavy sunburn.

Last Updated ( maandag, 24 september 2007 )
A kayak for Marnix, the wavepiercer
maandag, 10 september 2007


Now that a Seaflea was built for Filip, another kayak for Marnix had to be build as well. And so before the holidays I build another kayak in a similar building fashion as the Seaflea, designed by Dick van Zanten, the "Wave Piercer".
And this kayak is not only suitable for Marnix to paddle, but it is also very suitably designed as a trainingkayak for Greenland style rolling.
Below a brief photoimpression of this kayak.

Last Updated ( vrijdag, 14 september 2007 )
Filip's Sea Flea
woensdag, 29 augustus 2007
During last years holidays (2006) my just finished yellow SOF was very popular with my two boys (Marnix & Filip). They sometimes almost fought over it. That created the idea in my mind to build a better fitting kayak for the kids for this years holidays. But as it alwasy goes, there are enough other chores to do around the house and even though I had promised myself to start the build way before the holidays, it was not until the end of may that I finally started. I chose the Seaflea design by TomYost. And as the day I started we had originally planned a paddle tour that was cancelled because of bad weather, Dick came by to give me a hand.
And of course Filip also helped big time constructing 'his' Seaflea so it would be ready for our holidays to Sweden.
seatrial in Zweden


Last Updated ( woensdag, 29 augustus 2007 )
Grevelingen 14 juli 2007
woensdag, 15 augustus 2007

Grevelingen 14 juli 2007Voor de 14de juli stond een tocht gepland naar de Aardappelbult, maar de weersverwachtingen gooien roet in het eten en de leiding wijkt uit naar het Grevelingenmeer.
Aldus hebben we een rondje Hompelvoet gevaren op de Grevelingen met als begin en eindpunt een surfstrandje nabij de Springersdiephaven aan de Gervelingenzijde.
De wind was behoorlijk stevig. Vanuit de haven zijn we eerst richting Port Zelande gevaren, daarbij netjes om de gele zone heengepeddeld.
Dan ging het met een stevige 5-6 in de rug riching Archipel waar de lunch was gepland. De golven droegen hun steentje bij en kreeg iedreen de kans om af en toe een lekker stukje te surfen.


Last Updated ( woensdag, 29 augustus 2007 )
Nieuw: Ocean Paddler Magazine
vrijdag, 13 juli 2007

Ocean Paddler MagazineVandaag rolt in Engeland het eerste exemplaar van een nieuw en spectaculair magazine van de persen, Ocean Paddler Magazine.
Zoals de titel al aangeeft is het een tijdschrift voor de actieve peddelaar op de oceanen (lees zee). Ocean Paddler zal maandelijks verschijnen en zal artikelen bevatten over technieken, tochtverslagen van expedities, weektrips en dagtochten, peddelen in de branding en tidal races, interviews met (bekende) peddelaars, materiaal testen, etc. Eigenlijk alles wat je mag verwachten van een dergelijk magazine.

Inhoud van de eerste uitgave:
Expedition: Rounding Tassie
Jeff Allen
Expedition Planning
Photographic Inspiration
Incident Management
In Search of the Queen of Inch's Glass Covered Coffin
P&H Cetus Sea Kayak
Sea kayaking photography
Stern words: Brian Wilson - Paddle Loudly!

and, much, much more..

Meer informatie over dit unieke tijdschrift (voor zover ik weet enig in zijn soort in West Europa) kan je vinden op de website van Ocean Paddler , waaronder een aardig aanbod voor een abonnement.

Het Ocean Paddler wordt uitgegeven door Masik Publishing. Een aardige link naar de herkomst.

Last Updated ( vrijdag, 07 september 2007 )
Freya Hoffmeister and Greg Stamer circumnavigate Iceland
zaterdag, 09 juni 2007

Two weeks ago Freya and Greg have decided to circumnavigate Iceland by kayak. The short term decision is an extra challenge to get it all organised. But it seems to have all worked out. Last friday they took off for Iceland to start their long paddling journey. If all goes well they paddle their final strokes around Iceland at the end of july.

You can follow their journey on the weblog of Freya en op het KayakQuixotica weblog

Note 10 june: Just after writing this, I read that they have not been heard of for more than a day. A full search has been launched by the Coastguard.
Note 11 june: They are found. All is ok. It appeared to have been a communication problem.

Last Updated ( maandag, 11 juni 2007 )
Seacamp TKBN june 2007
woensdag, 06 juni 2007

zeekamp juni 2007Because Tom and I had decided to do our seakayaking exams this year, we included the TKBN seacamp in june in our planning. After registering we received a lot of information and thus armed we drove to Ellemeet on Schouwen-Duiveland in Zeeland.

Once there, we found ourselves at the aft end of a large group of cars with kayaks of all brands and colors on top.  First we put up our tent and then at 21:15 there was a campmeeting where the instructors got introduced and everybody could enlist in the diverse groups of the camp. Tom and I chose the seakayaking exam group  together with 11 other people. After an introductory round where everybody  could express their experience and wishes for this camp,  the instructors told us we would go to Springersdiep on saturday, for strokes practice at first  and later find some surf on the Aardappelbult. (a  15 km long local sandbank). Then we went to bed to join the morning's meeting after a hearty breackfast.  Everybody found themselves at the water by 10:00.

Last Updated ( maandag, 11 juni 2007 )
Trip voordelta
zaterdag, 14 april 2007

VoordeltaThis is the first trip on the sea's salt water this year. We (Dick and Tom) have applied for a trip in the Voordelta led by Hans Heupink. With a group of 10 paddlers we put off at the Brouwersdam's south end. When we're sufficiently far out to sea, we change course northward in the direction of the lighthouse at the tip of Goeree-Overflakkee.  Because of the low  wind there are only small waves and after  one and a half hours of paddling we land through  30 centimeter high  surf, just past the lighthouse, for lunch under a watery sun.

During lunch we're charged left and right by kitebuggies that go quite fast despite the low windspeed. Nice to look at. 

Last Updated ( woensdag, 16 mei 2007 )
Leaking hatches
woensdag, 11 april 2007

loslatende kitThis is a brief note about our leaking hatches. In our latest SOF's we (Dick & Tom) build in hatches and bulkheads. We used a stitching method to attach the hatches to the skin and used a bedding compound to create a watertight seal. This has worked for a long time but after a year or so of opening and closing the hatches and the flex of the skin, the seal between the beddiing compound and the plastic of the hatches let loose and the hatches started leaking. Funny coincidence is that it happened to both our kayaks on the second daytrip of this year.

So what next. Simple really, remove the hatches and re-attach them, this time using polyethyleen (PE) support ring  underneath the skin and attach them using screws. Of course there is a bedding compound in between the hatchring and the skin to create a watertight seal. So if the skin and hatch move up and down now, the PE support ring also moves up and down, which prevents creating tension on the bedding compound.

Last Updated ( donderdag, 19 april 2007 )
SOF durability
maandag, 29 januari 2007

During the greenland style rolling clinics (27-28 jan 07) organised by the NKB and we got asked a couple of times if a skin on frame kayak is durable and sturdy enough for paddling at sea,

And what coincidence it is: today a link was posted on the Qajaq USA forum with a video on durablity testing of a SOF. In this article you can find this video. Convince yourself and have a look.

Last Updated ( donderdag, 23 oktober 2008 )
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