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A walk in the forest on Ameland (Holwerd - Nes) - 31 mei
zaterdag, 04 oktober 2008
An early rise again this morning for the 2 hour drive to the North of the country. At 9 o'clock we have to be present at the ferry pier near Holwerd. Under heavy clouds and the gazes of the tourists that take the ferry to Ameland 6 paddlers start their trip. It is 5 past 10 and we cross to the ferry channel to set course (0°) towards a buoy in the small channel. From this buoy we follow the channel to  benefit from the current of the eb-tide.
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Catch up time
donderdag, 02 oktober 2008

It has been a while since the qajaq.nl site had anything new to read. From now on the site will be regularly updated again. We will start by adding some articles that should have already been placed.

The first updates will follow shortly.

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The virus strikes again
zondag, 06 april 2008
The (building)virus has struck again and I have started to build (yet) another seakayak. This time I have chosen to in the woodstrip method, where a kayak's (or canoe) hull is build up of small woodstrips around a set of molds (frames) that determine the dimensions of the kayak. After the woodwork is finished, the whole thing will be covered in a layer of glass and epoxy resulting in a robust, durable and (relative) light kajak.
After building two kayaks in the traditional skin-on-frame style, I thought I would give this a try.

Black Pearl
Foto: Bjorn Thomasson
I chose for a design by Björn Thomasson, de Black Pearl, a low volume seakayak following the lines of the traditional Eastern Greenland kayaks. During visits in Denmark and Sweden I had paddled the Black Pearl and it paddles in line with what I am already used to in my skin-on-frame kayaks. Like with a traditional kayak, when ordering the plans you have to provide some body sizes, like length, hipwidth adn show size, for Björn to use in his design in order to get a Black Pearl that is tuned you sizes.

A building log can be found through this link: Black Pearl .
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TKBN trip IJ lake
maandag, 31 maart 2008
Even uitblazen achter Pampus
Even uitblazen achter Pampus
Last sunday march 30th, a trip had been plaane by the TKBN paddling union from the Almeerderzand to Durgerdam and back. As Tom had obligations elsewhere, I left for Flevoland very early after a short night's sleep (the clock had been put forward that night for daylight saving). After about a quarter of an hour the first of the other paddlers started to arrive. After the usual hello's and how-are-you's we could unload and pack our boats.
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A Soul-Mate for Valerie
maandag, 24 maart 2008
Last friday Dick and I went to visit Valerie Welch, a member of our canoeclub, k.v. Keistad (Amersfoort). Valerie is building a cedar strip solo canoe. For the design she chose a Soul-Mate by Carrying Places, a very nicely lined canoe but not so easy to build because of the tumble home gunwales. The hull is now complete and is awaiting the glass and epoxy layers. I am very curious to see the endresult, which can only be fabulous considering how it already looks.
You are able to watch Valeries progress on http://www.paddler.nl.
A canoe in Sweden
maandag, 24 maart 2008
During some googling for more information about stripbuilding kayaks & canoes, I came accross a site on buidling a (strip) canoe in Sweden. The nice suprise about this was that the pages are also available in Dutch.
This site and canoe are build by Alex Wedzinga who moved from the Netherlands to Sweden a couple of years ago and now earns his living running an outdoorstore and kayak/canoe activities, so if you are still searching for a holiday destination, have a look at his website.
The pages on the canoe buliding give a nice step by step impression of the building process resulting in a beautiful canoe. For more information have a look here http://prive.route62.se/red%20cedar%20strip%20canoe/
Maak een goede start in 2008
donderdag, 10 januari 2008

Kajak RevolutionIk werd onlangs geattenteerd op een inititief in Groenland, het land waar de oorsprong van onze kajak hobby ligt. Alhoewel het kajakken weer opleefd in Groenland, is dit met name rondom de grotere nederzettingen. Om het kajakken ook in de afgelegen (armere) gebieden van Groenland te stimuleren is een Groenlandse kajak bouwer een educatief programma begonnen om via de scholen in deze afgelegen gebieden de kajak traditie te stimuleren. Je kan dit initiatief steunen doormiddel van een kleine donatie via de website van deze kajakbouwer.


Seven new paddles
zondag, 28 oktober 2007

Zeven nieuwe peddels
Seven new paddles (photo: Hans Heupink)
During yesterdays workshop 7 participants carved 7 new paddles from the blank they had carefuly glued together on the thursday before teh workshop.

The day started at nine o'clock with a cup of coffe or tea and some explanatation. After that it was a lot of hard work to execute all the steps to slowly shape a  blank into a paddle.

This years laminates were build up up from red cedar with a core of ash and edge strips of oak. For the tips we had found a nice piece of mahogany. This will eventually give nice red and hard tip, but during the shaving this  mahogany was sometime quite brittle.

After a long day of shaving, marking and shaving the padles are proudly posed and can be taken for some finishing like  sanding and oiling.

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Paddling around the Roggenplaat - Oosterschelde
woensdag, 24 oktober 2007


On saturday the 14th of october we went for a days paddle with the TKBN to the Oosterschelde. A day of a very early wake-up, little wind, a lot of sun and a very beautiful piece of Zeeland to paddle around the Roggenplaat. From the Zeelandbrug to the Oosterscheldekering (Oosterschelde stormdam). Very enjoyable.

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Rolling with Maarten
dinsdag, 23 oktober 2007
scullenToday I went to Bunschoten to teach rolling to Maarten. Maarten had already taken two courses in the swimming pool with my club K.V. Keistad, but still didnot succeed in coming up all the way. We had agreed on this lesson a while back but had been postponing for several reasons until now. Finally I have the opportunity to try the Wavepiecers attitude in teaching.
(we had just catched the orca in the background Wink)
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